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Well & Church Construction Completed in India!

Well of Life: Gugulothu Thanda, Gidoor Tehsil, Mehebubabad District, Telangana State, India - 506134

“I am a native of this village and ever since I remember we have been facing water crisis.”

This is what Bhuvaneshwari had to say as she stood at the bore well, watching the pot fill to the brim with precious drinking water. Bhuvaneshwari is one among many in the village of Gugulothu Thanda whose lives have changed for the better, because of the Well of Life bore well.

Gugulothu Thanda is a village of 1,700 people and they have faced terrible water scarcity in the past. The government municipal water tanker that is sent to the village twice a week, provides for those who get there first and during summers, there is absolute uncertainty of seeing the water tanker. Some people choose to walk 1.5 kilometers back and forth to the nearby water source. The water there is not potable. And for a village made up of daily wage earners and field workers, that is saying something indeed.

Pastor Shyam and the Christian community who make up 4% of the population decided to pray for the village and their own needs. The small room they had rented to serve as a church building leaks during monsoons due to numerous cracks in the walls. The pastor and the church were praying for a solution.

It arrived in the form of the Well of Life project. Through the efforts of the Well of Life team, the people of Gugulothu Thanda now have a freshwater bore well, ensuring their needs are always met. They no longer have to line up for hours to collect water during certain hours of the day, nor do they have to walk to the water source that might be dry. Instead, now whenever there is a need for water, an unlimited amount is available to each person, irrespective of caste or religion.

In addition to this, Pastor Shyam and the church’s prayer for a new church building was answered. Well of Life constructed a new, strong building for the believers of Gugulothu Thanda to fellowship in and worship God. Since the church building is located close to the newly drilled bore well and is open to all, the church is eager to share God’s love with others in the village.

Built In Honor of Keith and Mary Lou Gutchess, the bore well was dedicated to the people on the 31st of March, 2021.

The village elders and people testified of God’s great help to the entire community and are grateful for the chance they have been given to live lives overflowing with hope and joy.

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