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  • What do you do?
    We manufacture build to print cable and wire harness assemblies, box builds, and can even aid in light assembly for our customers. Learn more about what we do here.
  • Are you considered a small business according to the SBA?
    Yes, we meet all the SBA criteria as a small business.
  • I used to work with Sturges Electronics years ago under the previous owner, what has changed?"
    We have since overhauled our quality processes and standards, customer service operations, and are much better positioned to serve our customers old and new.
  • How long has Sturges Electronics been around?
    We began in 1978 but have radically innovated and evolved with our customer’s needs over the years.
  • Who works for Sturges Electronics?
    Our team includes senior operators that have over 40 years experience in this industry, mid-level operators, and novice operators. We enjoy the benefits of expertise and fresh perspectives as well as the refinement that results from diverse perspectives.
  • What is the range of production quantities you can manufacture?
    We can supply large quantities of thousands of pieces down to a handful of pieces for a complex job.
  • What type of equipment do you use?
    Sturges uses a wide range of fully automatic, semi-automatic, and hand tools to meet whatever type of job we have.
  • Can you comply with my unique industry or company specific standards?
    Absolutely—we have a track record of going to great lengths to comply with the detailed and unique standards of our military contractor customers in particular.
  • I only have a concept of what I need built instead of a completed print, can you still help me?"
    Although we do not have engineers to design your product, we are more than happy to work with what you have and give you clarity on what we need to build your assembly to your specs correctly the first time.
  • What types of customers and markets do you supply?
    We have experience supplying military, government, energy, medical supply, industrial, and transportation industry’s contractors and manufactures. We have also supply a wide range of OEM needs related to cable and wire harness assemblies.
  • Who do you get your materials from?
    We have a broad and reliable network of U.S. based suppliers that allow us to balance price, lead time, and specialization according to your needs. For a list of our main suppliers, check out our page here.
  • Are you all working on anything new?
    Our mission states that we are “aware, interested and involved in the education and innovation necessary to rapidly deliver the highest level of service.” As such, we seek to grow our range of capabilities and expertise to serve more of our customer’s needs. Check out what we are currently working on in our news/blog page.
  • How long does it take you to respond to a Request for a quote?
    As a small, agile company, we do not have the red tape that slows down your operation. As soon as we receive an RFQ, we will work on it, contact you for any clarification, and get the answers you need without worrying about going through multiple levels of managerial approval. Typically, quotes can be sent to you within a few days or a couple weeks depending on its complexity.
  • What would you do if your customer notified you of a quality issue with what you sent them?
    We work very hard to prevent this, but in the real world it is possible for there to be a rare issue with an undetected defect. We always react rapidly to get reworked/replacement assemblies to you as soon as we possibly can. We also determine the root cause of any cable failure and redesign the work process to include any necessary additional quality checks to prevent similar issues in the future.
  • I’m in, how do I request a quote?"
    Email Marc at and we will immediately begin working on it for you! Please send us a Bill of Materials and drawing with as much detail as you can provide. We will reach out to you right away if we have any questions. We can even work with hand-drawn diagrams if that’s all you have!
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