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Gary Nelson, Ceo, president

Gary Nelson - CEO/Owner


Gary brings over 40 years of domestic and international experience running large and small companies. Gary's background includes accounting, production and inventory management, global sales and overall company leadership. Gary plans to invest and grow Sturges Electronics, LLC by developing new customers in new markets utilizing cutting-edge technology. 

Karin Tripp, quality manager

Karin Tripp - Quality Manager


Karin brings 40 years of experience in cable and harness assembly in the military and medical industries.  That experience coupled with her background in Engineering, Customer Service and Quality uniquely qualify her for the Quality Manager role. Her mission is to ensure our products meet or exceed customer expectations.

Marc Vellake, salseman

Marc Vellake - Sales Representive


Marc has brought his experience of the past 10 years in sales and management to his dual role of sales representative and production supervisor at Sturges Electronics LLC in 2021. He seeks to build solid relationships with current, previous, and new customers through excellence in service and demonstrations of Sturges’ value for its partners.  



Our production team consists of veterans with 40 years of experience in our industry, mid-level operators, and entry level operators. The senior operators are mentors to the entry level operators and advisors for the mid-level operators. The team also benefits from the fact that the entry level people do bring a fresh perspective that even our seasoned workers can appreciate.

What it's like to work here

"Sturges is family oriented and treats us fairly and with respect."


"This job has a diversity of challenges we love to face them head on." 


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